Loki’s parents are on vacation,
and now it’s up to him to protect the house!

9 Lives To Defend

Genre: Action, Roguelite, Bullet Hell, Casual
Platform: Steam


The life of a cat has never been so eventful! In “9 Lives to Defend” you assume the role of Loki, a brave cat who needs to protect the house from invaders while its parents are away on vacation. With only nine lives, your survival skills will be tested against hordes of enemies in a frenetic bullet hell. Build unique matches using cards that only a clever kitten could wield. Unlock Loki variants from other lives, and evolve your special abilities to fight this war like a true feline warrior ^.^

With a cute hand-drawn art style and a touch of humor, “9 Lives to Defend” is a fun and challenging game that will test your combat and strategy skills.

– Survive for 24,12 or 6 minutes trips.
– Unlock Loki variants from other lives.
– Evolve your variants and special skills with permanent upgrades.
– Equip your amulets according to your game strategy.
– Over 40 different upgrade cards for unique compositions.

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